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Get Control Over Your Life

As a precaution to those about to read this, be aware that the content below can stir up some negative feelings and I urge you to simply read the words as they are and if/when you begin to feel negative energy, take a deep breath and realize that they are just words. How you perceive words is up to you and always has been. Also, there are solutions in this blog that can help you change your perceptions about life to create new realities! With that said, have any of the following scenarios ever applied to you?

  • I’m running a rat race of life, not able to make much happen and I don’t have a clear direction.

  • I tend to be at the mercy of everything around me and I can’t make much of a difference.

  • When things go wrong, I tell myself that it’s “just my luck.”

  • I avoid situations so I don’t have to deal with them/take responsibility.

  • I’m pissed at the world; I’ve been given a crap hand to play in this life.

  • There’s never enough time for me to do what I want or money for me to even afford it.

  • I always have bad relationships and can’t find anyone good.

There are plenty more scenarios I could list but this is upsetting enough for now. Truth is, if you’ve ever experienced or are experiencing these scenarios then I have some news for you! Not good news or bad news, all I can share is news, what you do with it and how you perceive it can make it bad or good. The news is that you have been absolutely crushing it in life and you don’t even know it! That’s right, you’ve been winning at life, just not the life that you want.

We are wired to win. What we win at is decided by where our energy is focused. The flow of energy starts with thoughts, those stories and beliefs that are floating around that brilliant brain of yours. From our thoughts, we begin creating emotions based on how we generally perceive life at any given moment which drive how we are approaching situations. Finally, emotions drive the actions that we take based on the options we feel are available. Once again, you are winning. However, you are succeeding in the life that you believe you’re worthy of, the life you think you can have.

So how can you change this. First off, admit to yourself that your current life is the product of you winning at the beliefs you hold at your core and that you can manifest any life you believe you’re worthy of it. You must start being honest with yourself. Maybe you want financial freedom but believe that you won’t have enough money to get out of that tiny apartment costing you $1,500 per month. That will cause you to subconsciously stay in that situation, waiting for the world to hand you more money at some point without changing and being upset that you don’t make enough. About 90-ish percent of our daily actions are driven by subconscious behavior which derives from our internal beliefs. If you want to change your external world, start by changing your internal world.

Here’s a couple examples to demonstrate how changing your thoughts change your physical state. First, think of something that isn’t quite ideal in your world today. What thoughts or stories do you believe in that have manifested it into your life? What emotions do those thoughts create and how have those emotions served your actions you’ve taken towards it? Now that you’ve listed that out, think about a new thought or belief that you believe you would have if your situation was perfect in every way. What emotions does that thought/belief create for you and how would those emotions change the actions you would take? This exercise is the basic law of energetic attraction, that what you put into the world is exactly what you will get back. Why, because you win at the thoughts you believe in, you’ve done it all your life and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Another example of changing thoughts to influence your physical state is based around getting outside of your own head, and it’s called gratitude. A great way to practice this is to think of someone…anyone who has impacted your life in a positive way. Done? Great, now call them. Seriously, call them right now and tell them how much you appreciate them being a part of your life and how they have impacted you in a beautiful way. Tell them you simply wanted to call them because you thought of how they changed your life for the better and that you wanted to simply thank them for being there for you. Really take this moment to share how you feel about them and then create an invitation. An invitation is simply asking how you can be there for them and repay how they have been there for you. What emotions came up for you when talking to them? How did your physical state change while you were calling them and after you gave them gratitude? The purpose of that exercise is to quickly show how your purpose/intent can drive your thoughts, emotions, and actions in that order. If your purpose is to make money, you’ll rarely find happiness. When your purpose is to bring joy to others, joy will find you. Create intent for yourself and your actions and all will fall into place.

When you learn that you really do control your life and take accountability that everything in your life stems from your internal beliefs, you take control back from whatever you gave it to. You can change your life in an instant, but for those who might need a little help figuring out what your plan for change looks like or how to stick with it there is coaching. I partner with people to help them achieve at the highest level and uncover the beautiful life that has been within them all along. I hope these exercises have helped you, if so, I’d love to hear what came up for you while reading this and what you will do differently moving forward!

A great book you can read that dives into your internal beliefs and creating your life from within is Unfu*k Yourself: Get out of your head and into your life by John Bishop. It is in both physical and audiobook form and is an outstanding read! As always, you can contact me directly through my contact page for more information about coaching and how it can help you step into the life you deserve.

Passionately Serving,

Keegan LaMar

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