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Building the Champion Within

MLS soccer player Shane O'Neill shares his mindset journey and experience working with a coach

Shane's Story is all about resilience. In high-school, Shane earned plenty of awards and went on to play with the Colorado Rapids. For the next 10 years, Shane played in the US, Europe, and eventually came back to the states knowing that he wanted to find ways to take his performance to the next level. 

We connected in September of 2019 and our work together began shortly afterwards. He became a free agent, cut ties with his agent, and pushed forward knowing the road ahead would be difficult. However, we worked to connect his internal strengths into powerful intention - revealing the champion within. He not only negotiated and signed a deal with a new team, he did it with the defending champions in the MLS.

Shane then went on to become a perfect fit for his new club - becoming a key starter on the defense and became a leader off the field for many of his teammates. He not only held his own on defense in the MLS playoffs, he scored his first post-season goal... which was a game-winning goal... all as a defender.

Although the Seattle Sounders did not win the MLS championship game, Shane had an outstanding performance to cap off a marquee season and is now solidifying his game physically and mentally as a seasoned veteran while aiming to create impact for others getting into the sport.

Shane shares his mental journey in the video below - including the challenges he faced, what helped him navigate uncertain times, and what it was like working with me as his mental performance coach.

To hear the entire interview, head over to the podcast and listen to EP. 77 of Unstoppable Mindset

Coach's Notes

Working with Shane has been nothing short of a blessing to be a part of. His environment over the years naturally placed him in a survivor's mindset - one that many athletes can relate to. The key to Shane's success was his ability to put in the work, set passionate goals, and find presence in each moment to create a new level of focus in his life.

Like most athletes, Shane faced the challenge of prioritizing performance over self-mastery. Everyone, even you and I, deal with this. When you can change your focus from hitting a performance goal to living a life of true mastery, the performance markers are naturally hit.

Shane's journey is just beginning and I expect many more celebrations to come for him as we continue to create a disciplined lifestyle that places him in a position to take action and create powerful moments in all parts of his life.

If you or athlete's you know are looking to understand how peak performance can work in your life, reach out! You can head over to the contact page now to schedule time to speak with me and discover what your champion within looks like and how you put it into play.

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