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The Fire Within Josh Ballard

Josh's transformation through coaching, perseverance, and energetic validation

"I’ve known Keegan LaMar for a long time, and when he approached me about working together I was going through a rough patch, wanting to create a better future for myself outside of the default path I was on and become a person who could make life happen on my terms.

I was in a job that had some grueling hours and didn’t pay what I wanted and was also going through a divorce. Everything needed to change. Keegan and I initially worked on creating an understanding in my life, why I was feeling the way I was and how I could start to take back control in my life. We spoke a ton about the fears and doubts I was experiencing and how to change the energy at play. I was validating all the inner thoughts of uncertainty and doubt, noticing all the things that were wrong in my life more frequently than anything that was going well.

When we started looking into how I could begin making the life I really wanted – the job, the salary, and the longer-term desires, I was hesitant as most people would be as to how it all would be feasible. I didn’t know how I would make it happen, but we developed exactly how it NEEDED to happen in my life. That small action of telling myself and the world how I wanted things to happen created a chain reaction of positivity in my life. I began to understand the small steps I needed to take in order to make changes to my current situation and the snowball effect took place. I took action during a time where my instinct was to just be there for other people and put myself off to the side.

Fast forward a couple of months and there I was – signing a contract that would put me in a job where I was making more money, they would pay for schooling I wanted that would further my career, and they would pay me even more when I finished the schooling. Long-story-short, I doubled my income, am on the path to creating the job hours and responsibilities I’ve always wanted and am manifesting amazing things into my life including a brand-new truck that met my price/payment needs. Although everything seemed to happen quickly, it was all the planning, energetic changes, and small steps I continued to take that enabled all of it to happen.

I am on a path where I feel confident, joyful, and unstoppable. I want to create my own business and know exactly what I must do to achieve that – and can always count on Keegan to be there to help me gain clarity on where I want to be and how I want to get there. Working with Keegan has raised my awareness in my life, helped me grow stronger (both physically and mentally), given me clarity towards my goals, and has uncovered my inner passion for why I do anything.

I recommend anyone who is looking to become unstoppable towards their goals and break out of their default life track to work with Keegan as their coach. It has been an awesome experience and I will be in touch with Keegan both as a friend and coach to help me continue this momentum in life."

Josh Ballard

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Coach's Notes

The key to Josh's amazing results lay within how he approached challenges within his life and the internal work he did. Josh's internal energy pulls him toward helping others, sometimes at the cost of his own success which is what makes him an amazing first responder! The turning point in our work was when we got real about where he was, what he wanted, and how it needed to happen. I've never seen someone say out loud exactly what needed to happen to have his life change and then have it happen word for word. 

The challenges Josh faced are similar to those that we all face at times, what makes Josh unique was how he approached overcoming them. His approach was always based in a strong foundation of gratitude and care for others. Yes! You can achieve at a high level personally even when you continue to put others first!

His ability to tune his mindset to find what he sets out for will allow him to achieve at a high level for the rest of his life and I cannot wait to see what he will do next. He has tons of ideas for how his expertise can help people and wants to put it into action through future business ideas and partnerships. 

I am proud of the work Josh put in towards his growth and it shows through his accomplishments time and time again. 

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