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Tapping into your perfect self

Some days we are on top of the world: getting the promotion we deserve, making the decision we have been sitting on what seems like forever, or finding our larger purpose within this beautiful world. Then there are the days where we are not so on top of the world: paying bills, dealing with ruts, getting through a tough end to a relationship, and feel lost. What most people don’t realize is that it is all part of the perfect picture that we are developing for ourselves. That’s right, each one of these moments that we experience is perfect, and therefore, we are perfect.

We come into this world with endless potential to whatever our mind is set on and when we say, “I want to be an astronaut,” our teachers and family never say, “well sweetie, being an accountant is a much more stable job.” So why do we stray from our perfect, unique self? Truth is, we truly can be whatever we want, and our entire life is dedicated to a perfect path that we are constantly laying the groundwork for. This is not to say that the path doesn’t change occasionally, but it means that whatever we do is perfect because it is unique to us.

Our priorities change from exploring outer space to other things that become important to us during our journey. Some of these priorities can be: finding true passion in what we do, being an incredible parent, spending time traveling, and so much more. The thing we do is important, but HOW we do everything is even more important.

We are all perfect and all have a perfect path in front of us. Setting goals along the way is important because it gives us something to celebrate as we achieve. Living your truth can never be exchanged for monetary value because it is greater than any job we will have. Sharing love, being honest, being passionate, finding balance, and creating a sense of inner peace are all values that we can take with us into everything that we do. Each one of our values is unique to us that most people never put on a resume.

As a coach, my passion is to give people the opportunity to walk the talk that they have within them in order to unlock their true potential and lay the foundation to their unique and perfect self. We are made of energy that we can harness and unleash unto the world in any way that we choose. I challenge people to unleash their energy on to the world and create a life that they can only dream of. Your perfect and unique self can change the world. As a wise man once said “If you dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

Passionately Serving,

Keegan LaMar

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