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Stop Thinking About Performing and Start Thinking About Mastery

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

Why is this quote so powerful not to just athletes, not to just businesspeople, but to everyone? It’s because it speaks to all of us on a deep level. We can all think of someone who has achieved at an incredible level, and the truth is that person will resonate with this quote immediately. In order to succeed you must let go of the performance mindset and begin adopting the mastery mindset.

The performance mindset is one that begins with ego. This mindset is anchored into the belief that to be great you must be better than others which is untrue. People who approach life, sports, family, and everything else with this orientation want to win and compare themselves to others so they can validate their achievements. Their sense of self-worth and value is tied up in how they perform, and therefore judge themselves to other people. Extrinsic motivation is a dangerous, slippery slope that pulls us away from our true self to achieve tangible or intangible rewards. Only when we embrace the journey towards self-betterment, not self-perfection, will we begin to unleash our perfect self onto the world.

The mastery mindset is focused on the desire to continually develop into the best that YOU can be. We are performing each and every day to become more competent, more skilled, and more confident than we already are. In any moment we are focused on what will help us in the long run. The mastery mindset focuses inward and has intrinsic motivation that gains satisfaction from completing and working on individual tasks. Mastery oriented individuals are not concerned with any particular outcome because no matter the outcome you can learn something that propels you closer to self-mastery.

To learn more about how you can break free from the performance mindset and step into the mastery mindset, reach out to me and we can discuss what mastery looks like for you. This includes creating powerful goals, understanding what you truly want in anything you do, and always guaranteeing success in any situation. You can reach me directly by going to my contact page and sending me a message.

I know that there has been a gap in my blog posts in missing last week. However, I will only share with you tools and skills that I can write about from a place of passion and, like most, I have times where that can happen multiple days in a row or not happen for weeks. I love sharing powerful messages and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I look forward to helping you step into your unique and perfect greatness in life however I can serve.

Passionately serving,

Keegan LaMar

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