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Master Athlete Series - 5. You Don't Become a Champion Overnight

This week’s topic is powerful. As athletes and performers in today’s day in age, we see people blow up and create fame quickly. The key here is that we SEE them create fame quickly. However, becoming the best at what you do takes time, patience, and diligence. You cannot become incredible in this life by simply having performance goals you want to hit, you have to learn and practice the mastery mindset.

Learning how to let go of the sprint mentality will free your mind from becoming so focused on achieving the small goals that you forget your larger vision for yourself. Trusting the process is about knowing we are always bettering ourselves and that moving from performance-based thinking to mastery based thinking is the path to true mastery. Letting go in the moment and allowing all that you’ve done and programmed yourself to be demonstrated is at the core of mastery.

Where do you find yourself on the scale of the process? Are you so focused on the day-to-day challenges that you lose your vision for yourself? Most athletes are focused on the next rep, the next set, the next play so much that they lose themselves during the game. It’s dangerous to lose sight of your vision because your vision is what drives you, breaks you down, and re-creates you every single day until you’ve become the person you have always been meant to be: a champion.

Develop the belief that life always goes on

How do you let go of the beliefs that have been holding you back? You have to first find them and confront them. If you’re not where you want to be then let go of the thought and start creating a new one. You cannot change the past and your future isn’t going anywhere. It’s completely up to you when and how you make adjustments to your journey, the key is making those adjustments and continuing down your path. Learn from your mistakes, and more importantly, make mistakes! You will not learn in this life if you do not fail. The greatest teacher in life is failure. Why? Because you get more feedback about what you can change and how you can grow through failure than you do succeeding.

Trust what you know

You have a lifetime of knowledge inside of you and it grows every day. It’s about time you stop looking for other people to fix your problems and start looking inside to see what answers you’ve already had your whole life to that very problem. When you encounter challenges, do not take it personally. Challenges aren’t there to make you look dumb, they are there to help you dig deeper and master your approach to life through applying it to new situations. As we know, you are more powerful and capable than you think and you will amaze yourself with the information you have within you to overcome the largest obstacles in life. When you feel that you don’t know the answer, there is a whole world of people out there who can help remind you that the answer is right at your fingertips. Trust your intuition, it’s wiser than you may ever understand.

Create agility in your plans

Your vision is your motor, your compass, your driver of why you do what you do. It is bigger than you and gives you purpose to your actions. However, there are over a million different ways to get there and you must let go of the one-track mindset to reach your life long vision. Life is the longest thing you will ever do and your vision is a pretty close second. You will achieve many things along the way and create new and fascinating goals during your journey. So why are we so quick to drop our vision if things don’t go well? Expectations. It’s not the vision that is wrong, it’s your expectations of the steps you believe you have to take to get there. When you run into a challenge or even fail, start to think about the many other avenues you have yet to explore that can create the life you are going after. Chances are you’ll find many paths to the same destination and you get to control which paths you want to explore. Think outside the box, get input from people, challenge yourself, and most of all grow because without exploring the unknown you’ll never fully understand the unique adventure waiting for you to embark on that will help you become the person you envision.

Trusting the process is a discipline that we all have the choice to practice each day. Begin noticing the thoughts you have around trust and you’ll uncover how you control that part of your life. If you or anyone you know is struggling to trust the process, create plans, and adjust with change, reach out to me and I will help create the clarity you are looking for to get back on your path to success.

Passionately Serving

Keegan LaMar

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