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Master Athlete Series - 1. You are Already Winning!

Take a quick moment to inventory the life you currently have. Take note of your work, salary, hobbies, mood, connections, physical and mental abilities, beliefs, and general environment. Guess what? Everything you just took inventory of is in your life (the good and the bad) because you have willed it so. Your power to win at everything you do is astounding. The question is, are you winning at the life you want?

Before we can dive into the disciplines and the formula for your success, we need to take a moment to realize the life you’re currently winning at and decide if it’s what you want, what has gotten you here, and what you can do about it. We are taking inventory of what is called the energetic influencers.

Energetic influencers are the conditions that exist in your current life that are either helping or harming you in creating the life that you want for yourself. There are six main influencers that are at play in our lives: Social, Mental, Environmental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. I will be briefly discussing them in this blog and will leave you with the task of understanding your current state and writing what your ideal state will look like (key word is WILL).

Social – Having the right amount of interaction with others you compete with and feeling supported in all parts of the game. This can also be the feeling of being surrounded by like-minded individuals and are motivated by them to be at your best.

Mental – Your clarity as to what you are doing, your ability to remain focused on performing without distraction and knowing that what you are doing challenges you enough to create drive towards achieving it.

Environmental – Your belief that your environment will allow you to complete or enjoy a task the way you’d like to and is conducive to optimal performance.

Emotional – How well your needs and desires are being met by what you’re doing, how excited and enthusiastic you are about doing it, and whether you have the emotional control to choose how you respond in all situations.

Physical – Your awareness about your body and what it is telling you about how well you are challenging and taking care of it so you can create the power that will best serve you in achieving your goals.

Spiritual – Your purpose, beliefs, values, desires and goals in relation to what you want to do and how you want to do it.

So, why is it important for athletes to do this? Each influencer is just as important as the next and can equally help or harm you, depending on what situation you might find yourself in. By taking note of where you are, you just might discover exactly what could be harming you and by understanding how to make that area a positive influencer you just might create a whole new, positive life situation for yourself. When all of your core energetic influencers are ideal, you have your best chance for peak performance in sports and life. Understanding and mastering the influencers is your “secret weapon” in helping you unlock the performance mastery needed to succeed in everything that you do.

Here is the challenge I leave you with, write the following components down along with where your current state is. Once you do that, highlight the areas that are not where you’d like them to be and then write what would make them ideal for making you successful as an athlete and an overall performer in life. Two other areas you will notice that are not a part of the influencers which are also listed below are your philosophy and your skills. Philosophy is your belief system of why you are doing anything such as gaining long-term mastery in life or finding true purpose through my gifts. Skills are simply the tools you currently have that you implement when performing such as breathing easy, focusing on my target, keeping my own tempo. Write what comes to you for both areas as well and you’ll fully understand where you currently are and will begin uncovering where you want to be and possibly how you can get there.

Please write and fill in the following for your current state of being in sports:

Social -

Mental -

Environmental -

Emotional -

Physical -

Spiritual -

Philosophy -

Skills -

Now highlight the areas that are not where you believe they should be and next to it write what would make it an ideal influencer in your life.

Ask yourself, “What can I do today that could begin changing this area of my life to become a positive influencer rather than a detractor for my performance?” Let me know what comes up for you and feel free to share with me on my contact page what you’ve discovered! Next week we will uncover the filters that have created the life you currently live and will start to create the awareness needed to find clarity and choice for all actions.

Passionately serving,

Keegan LaMar

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