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June Updates

Hi everyone,

Wow, what a month it has been! I’m excited to finally share some updates for the month and hopefully get back on track with sharing content on a regular schedule. First off, I must apologize. I know I shared in my last month’s update that the podcast was going to be coming to the website and I have not delivered that yet. Reason behind this is due to a new partnership that I have developed with a company called Tribal Life! I am working with them as a part of their mastery team to develop a powerful program to help change people’s lives through team-based life mastery.

The relationship developed quickly and I have been hard at work helping them and on boarding myself to their vision and goals so I can be a powerful presence to all who work with them. I will be a part of their program which includes coaching services, keynote speaking, managing a team of mentors, and a few other fun things. I will make sure that I continue to update everyone about the program and will share info about it so anyone who might be interested in a more community-based self-development program can learn more about how you can be involved.

The podcast project will be picked back up here shortly and I look forward to delivering some fun content including people’s amazing stories, my story and experiences throughout life, and also sharing things I find that can help inspire those who listen to it. More information about where and when to find it coming soon.

This month has been an unbelievable blessing in my life. I celebrated my first anniversary with my incredible wife, witnessed a family member proposed to the woman of his dreams (she said yes!) and also brought home our beautiful puppy Minnie who I’m sure will be in a few videos and I will make sure I share some photos of her moving forward.

Minnie LaMar

I’m interested to know what questions you want to have answered either in blogs or in podcast form and would like to ask the favor of sharing your ideas with me in email. Feel free to share with me either a DM on Facebook (LaMar Coaching) a DM on Instagram (@lamarcoaching) or email ( I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Passionately Serving,

Keegan LaMar

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