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My Story

Hello world,

My name is Keegan LaMar. I am a certified professional coach through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), husband, motivator, and a breaker of limitations. For the longest time I lived my life sitting in the passenger seat of my journey, enjoying the sights and sounds of my life as I traveled through childhood, teenage years, college life, and professional career. I've competed, won, lost, and forged myself over and over throughout the years in the hopes of finding my ultimate purpose. I’m sure most of you all are in the exact same place or have experienced much of what I am referring to. We all have a story.

However, as I mentioned before, I was in the passenger seat. Why? Because I didn’t know any better! I have always had people who have helped me steer in the right directions with some being good, some being bad, and some… meh. In late spring of 2018 I finally had the courage to see who was driving the car I had been in all of my life, what I found was shocking.

It was me who was driving but it was also not me; It was my inner selves driving the car. Fear, anxiety, critique, safety, and many more forms of myself occasionally took the wheel and would tell me to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Although I’ve had my fair share of incredible moments, they came with a cost.

At birth, we hear the most amazing things from our family: You can do anything, the world is yours to change, you will be great, there is nothing that can hold you back. As time goes on, we begin to hear another story. Do this, don’t do that, watch out for this, stay safe, do the right thing. However, these things are built into us. They are called gifts, and we are given them at birth. The gift of love, friendship, skill, growth, joy, just to name a couple of the many. As we use these gifts, we begin to hone them, master them, and share them. Often, however, we are told how we should use them or how to best utilize them because most people know better than we do (or so we tell ourselves).

When we start to listen to the outside world and narrow our field of vision, we get lost. We lose sight of the beauty that life can offer us and begin to settle for what will give us the least amount of negative feedback in everything we do so we can impress people with all that we accomplish. Why? Because it’s easier to do what other’s think is great rather than what we think is great.

When I told the driver of my car to pull over so we can switch, it wasn’t easy. The world’s best backseat drivers are the voices that come from within that tell us how we should drive and where we should drive. I’m here to speak from experience that taking the wheel of your journey is the most freeing experience that you can give yourself. Why? Because it allows you to finally use all of your gifts and get back to what you were given at birth: everything.

I decided to become a coach because it is my passion. Being able to love what you do is the first half of success; the other half is doing it for the benefit of others. I can see the potential that everyone around me has to change the world in a positive way and can’t wait to help others see it as well. It’s time to start living the life that we all picture as a child, full of wonder and wild dreams! It’s time to make the money that you want. It’s time to have the relationships you desire. It’s time to break through to the real you. It’s time to take the wheel back.

To learn more about what I do, please visit my About page to read more about performance coaching and if it is right for you at this time. When I work with someone, it’s because I see the potential within them and know that the relationship is right. It’s OK if we aren’t the perfect match! Why? Because I know many people who might be your perfect match to unlock your goals and I’m always happy to help people find a coach that is right for them.

My purpose is to change people’s lives, and if I only change one life then the world has one more person with the power to change everyone’s lives. I’m excited about all the experiences this journey will bring and can’t wait to work with (hopefully) all of you.

I will be always posting ways in which you can learn more about yourself and how you can change your circumstances (no matter how daunting) to create the life that you are worthy of so keep coming back to see if something speaks to you. It’s time to make changes to everything so we can be anything.

Passionately Serving,

Keegan LaMar

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