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Finding Your Passion after Graduation

This blog post goes out to everyone who has recently graduated. First off, CONGRATULATIONS on your success! College is an amazing opportunity to discover yourself and plan for your future. However, many times, like a drunken weekend, you will find yourself after graduating asking yourself, “Whelp, no clue what to do now.” Guess what, this feeling is absolutely normal and is felt by almost everyone who has graduated even if they have a job.

The reason you feel the way you do is because for the first time you are experiencing freedom. Freedom to choose whatever you want to do with the least amount of external input. Going into college there are family, friends, and environmental influences that help you choose what you should study and experience, and now, the choice has become yours. The hardest part about not having as many environmental influences is learning how to trust your gut, be ambitious, and develop the sense of “falling forward” which is accepting that not everything is going to go your way but knowing that every experience is propelling you forward for what lies next.

Finding your passion and making money seem to clash with each other these days. Why? Because your passion is not what someone else might think is practical in life, but this is your life and your passion might be what changes other people’s lives forever. You are smart, capable, and inventive, do not forget that. You got through college most likely having to be creative about how you spend money so you can afford everything you wanted to do, learned how to push yourself to make assignment deadlines, and learned more about yourself than you thought possible by testing your boundaries. The lesson here is to not stop this habit now.

Think deeply for a moment, if you were to dream about a life that makes you fulfilled, what would it be? What emotions and thoughts are part of that life? My guess is that money is not a sudden stress that comes up in those thoughts and you aren’t living this life alone. The key here is to find the internal thoughts and values you are living when you imagine your best life and begin thinking about your unique skills that can create this life. Now, take another moment to think about the things that make you whole daily. Maybe it is having a set schedule, stable income, and not have to be spontaneous. Maybe it is the opposite and you love having variability in your life where you are solely responsible for how much you make and answer to yourself. It can even be a mix of the two, the point is that you need to listen to your intuition and what it might tell you about the type of life that suits you the most and would put you in the greatest position to succeed. When you’ve figured this out, go back to your unique skills that you want to share with the world and decide on what you will share with the world and how you will share it.

When you know your reason for being, why you do anything and the importance behind it, you will easily see that it can be placed into any career that you choose. No idea what your purpose is yet? Good! Now is a better time than ever to begin thinking deeply and start listening to what your gut is telling you and using your intelligence to discover how you can make that internal feeling an external reality. Don’t know where to start? Also good! There are so many others who have been in your position and can offer ways that they found their purpose and coaching can help you discover what your intuition might be telling you and will help you design a plan on how to take the steps towards creating a life on your terms.

I am offering 2 free sessions to any graduate (or really anyone in this phase of life described above) to help you discover how you can begin breaking free from what currently is and create what can be in your life. Simply reach out to me at and mention that you read this blog and we will set up time to discuss what challenges you’re currently facing and what you can do now to live a more fulfilled life by sharing your unique gifts to the world. I look forward to speaking with you and can’t wait to hear what you envision as your best life.

Passionately Serving,

Keegan LaMar

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