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Performance Hygiene

Create long-term performance health by eliminating distractions, gaining clarity, and discovering your unique success formula

Tap Into Your Full Potential

We all take time to learn new skills, earn certifications, and pursue what seems like the ticket to your next breakthrough only to keep getting the same results. Why is that? Have you ever had a high-performing day where you simply feel on top of the world and the next day you couldn't feel more blocked if you tried? It's not that you suddenly became worse overnight, it's that your ability to tap into your peak performance has been altered due to distractions that you might be aware or unaware of.

This affects all of us: Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Athletes, and everyone in-between. Our performance is dictated by our ability to tap into our full potential. Being unstoppable means that you can perform from an unhindered place where everything is optimized FOR you. When you understand and can learn how to control the factors that put you in an optimized state, you increase the frequency in which you enter "The Zone" where your performance is at its absolute best.

We all have routines for personal hygiene so we can look, feel, and physically be at our best in every situation. Why not adopt the same process for our mental health? It's either because we don't know how to create the right routine or don't believe that we have the control to influence our mental state. This program is designed to help you define and master both.

Why Performance Hygiene?

Great leaders drive high-performing success no matter where they are put. Achieving this comes down to how you understand and implement your success formula in every situation you are in. When you don't know how to manage distractions, they continuously deteriorate your performance no matter how much time and effort you put into increasing your potential. No two people are alike. What makes one person successful may not translate to how you will be successful. While success leaves clues, habits, and processes that you can mimic, it's HOW you implement successful disciplines into your life that make all the difference. 

This program is intended for people who experience:

  • Feelings of disappointment when you invest in ways to increase your potential just to have your overall performance remain the same.

  • Being tired of the limiting beliefs and stories in your head that constantly hold you back.

  • Readiness to understand what you're truly capable of achieving and know it's time to make a change to gain more control in your life.

  • Desire to discover your unique success formula that leads to a high-performing life.


Benefits Of The Course

By enrolling in the course, you can expect how to:

  • Know, eliminate, and prevent distractions that take away from your ability to perform.

  • Gain clarity about where you truly are, where you want to be, why the destination is important, and how you can get there.

  • Develop your success formula that accounts for the dynamic influencers that affect your life and helps you achieve high-performance in everything you do long after the course is over.


What To Expect

This is a 5-week course that includes weekly material for you to complete which takes a deep dive into your current state and helps you take massive action towards your future. There is also a weekly Mastermind zoom call where I will be working with you and others in the program, answering questions you might have and diving deeper into the content to create clarity around each topic. You are encouraged to engage with myself and others in the program so you can find new opportunities to grow personally and financially through powerful connections. I will be available to connect with throughout the entire course in a multitude of ways, ensuring that you get the most out of your experience.


What You Get

  • 5 weeks of unhindered access to an executive performance coach

  • 6 hours of direct coaching and Mastermind meetings

  • Specialized content designed to help you long after the course is over

  • 2 ad-hoc, 1-1 intensive coaching sessions either during the course or afterward

All of this is valued at over $7,000! What is usually reserved for intensive, individual coaching is now available to you at only $599! This price is guaranteed until August. If you register after the start of the upcoming course the discounted registration fee will be honored for the following course in which you register.

Your registration to the course will be confirmed when the sign up period for your group ends. At that time you will receive your payment request to lock in your spot. I appreciate your patience while I work with your group to confirm the course headcount and set up a start date.

If you have questions about the course, please email me at


Sign Me Up!

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below and you will receive a confirmation email and link to submit payment if spots are still open! If not, you will have the option to reserve your spot for a future course start date.

Performance Hygine Registration
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