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Master Your Approach To Performance

Helping Executives and Athletes remove distractions that hinder their performance so they can achieve more with the potential they already possess.


Performance = Potential - Distractions

Your Performance Mindset Formula

  • Have you ever felt like you are constantly working to increase your potential but seem to never make real progress in your results?

  • Do you feel burnout from thoughts related to fear, anxiety, stress, or tiredness?

  • Are you constantly missing the mark on your expectations for where you believe you should be in life?

  • Have you ever tried to copy what successful people do only to find that you're not getting the same results as them?

My Core Beliefs

I believe we can all change the world in a way only we are capable of. I believe we can control how life happens for us, not to us.

I believe that we can determine what we get out of everything that we do by controlling how we look at life.

I believe that we have a powerful, unexplainable force within us that we can tap into at any moment or bury beneath a sea of distractions and excuses.


I believe that you can control what creates your world – your mindset. 


I believe that you can be unstoppable.


I serve people looking to remove everything that has held them back for far too long and understand what they are truly capable of in this lifetime through building lifestyles that are just as unique as they are. There is no secret to success, there is only your secret to success.

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Client Quotes

As a professional coach myself, I am particular about who I seek coaching from. I have a certain level of competency and professionalism I expect in a coach and Keegan met and exceeded those expectations.  I sought his help on a business decision that I was struggling with and he helped me wade through the options and discover what I truly wanted and needed.  I'd definitely recommend Keegan as a coach.  His passion for his craft is clear.

Julian Y.

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